The Blue Shade

Excellent blue shade
Cox'sbazar is signified as world's longest sea beach. As well as this is one of most beautiful sea beaches on this earth. Yes, you may say that Australia, United States as well Malaysia have better beaches... but those have been well decorated by their governments. Those beaches remain under smart maintainance of the government. But the thing we call 'natural beauty', it can be found in Cox'sbazar. If the government comes serious about going through a total renovation & maintainance program for Cox'sbazar, this beach will be rated as the best.
Right now, accomodation & security in Cox'sbazar are praiseworthy. Transportion services also deserve good comments, some of them are expensive but they offer real luxury. But the food & resturants, its really depressing, I mean the money they (resturant owners) claim for their service as well as food, is not a good deal. Most of the resturants of nice environment are used to keep its customer waiting for long, on the other hand, resturants which have quick service, are not that neat & clean. Neatness in Beach is another important thing and this is totally up to tourists. They should keep it in mind.


Public-er bhabshab dekhle mone hoy Cox'sbazar-e shurjo khali dubey, shobai khali shurjo dubar chhobi tule, dubte thaka shurjore nijer hat-e niya chhobi tolar jonno koto kahini kore, othocho eita keu bhaiba dakhena je ekhane shujo taruthar-o akta bepar-shepar ase... jaukga.

Apnader jonno 'Sunrise in Cox'sbazar' chhobita deya holo,

chhobita tulsen Mr. M M Rahman.
We are going again to Cox'sbazar in May.

So... lots of pix are to come....!

xanthis's parents at Cox'sbazar sea beach.
Enjoy Cox'sbazar with your Family

Not 'Niribili', Go Elsewhere

Our bellies were about to be ruined by Niribili resturant at Kolatoli Road, Cox'sbazar.

We waited more than on hour after waiter took our order, we got bored and irritated. However, our meal came infront of us after a long time and do you know what we found? ...served food was a day older. We just ran off our temper and rushed out of that ___(cenosred) ___ resturant.
That day we changed our resturant and got fixed at Dhanshiri Resturant, Kolatoli Road. It was just beside our hotel Uni Resort.

We are suggesting to not go to Niribili Resturant untill we find it better and inform you about it.

s h u r j a s t o

A SUNSET !!! means, darkening of a lightened world-half, like, the lightening of a dark world-half...

SUNSET in Cox'sbazar, clicked by Jami M Khan.


Cox'sbazar... a town full of hotels, motels, resosrts and bla... bla... bla... . These buildings have been constructed for you, these hotels are here for you... and you just have to be there. John Denver says, "Thank god for I am a country boy!", you are country boys or may be girls... visit Cox'sbazar...!

Find the beach excellently

An almost unexplored location, on a hill just before the entrance of Cox'sbazar town, found by our officials in August 2005. This shot was taken by our photographer Rashid Shahid Tamal.

Enjoy World's Longest Beach :: Its waiting to welcome you

World's longest beach is waiting to welcome you at Cox'sbazar. You can be in walking on this beach like this kid.

Just try to feel Cox'sbazar by being there... it will be a great experiance to be at Cox'sbazar for atleast 3 days. Enjoy!